The chairperson Mrs Jaya Anupam encouraged by joining the Pre- chrismas celebrations in SPNS premises.  The Pre-Christmas celebrations in a SPNS  school  can be a fun and exciting time for both the children and the teachers but this year took a special turn due the presence of our dignitary VSN CHAIRPERSON Mrs. Jaya Anupam. It provides an opportunity to create a festive atmosphere, engage in various activities, and teach children about the spirit of Christmas.  The teachers and children created handmade decorations like paper snowflakes, garlands, or Christmas tree ornaments. . Fun activities with songs & dances were conducted. A Lovable Santa distributed gifts and candies among the overjoyed little kids. The little children, teachers & guests joined the festivities. The Christmas cake was cut by the chairperson and shared among all present. Mrs Saroj Manchanda, VSN secretary along with the other trustees, executive coordinator  all teachers & staff were present during the occasion.


21st October’22, Bileipada EYE SCREENING CAMP

Eye screening camps in rural areas are valuable initiatives that VSN aimed to provide essential eye care services to underserved communities after the pandemic Covid which has been a big threat in the lives of the poor community. These camps help to identify and address vision problems, promote eye health, and facilitate early detection and treatment of eye conditions. VSN with the support of Bhumika eye hospital organized an eye screening camp for the children of the rural schools of the peripheral  rural areas and  based on the screening results, identified  individuals who require further evaluation or treatments and also diagnosed with refractive errors, VSN arranged and support for a selection of appropriate eyeglasses and medications.



Domestic management refers to the efficient and organized management of a household and its various tasks and responsibilities. It involves overseeing and coordinating activities related to home maintenance, household finances, and the topics that were shared and displayed were

  1. Health and fitness.
  2. Mental emotional Health.
  3. Interpersonal relationship.
  4. Money management.
  5. Home safety.

VSN organised a domestic management program in VSN Training Hall for SHG’s , ASHA Maa’s and Anganwadi Workers.  VSN volunteers took initiative actively and conducted the awareness session which was attended by 40 villagers.

VSN team took initiative and organized in a well versed way and expressed them through dramatic way.


23rd Decembeer’23, Bileipada COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAM

Empowering the youth in rural areas by providing them with IT knowledge as a part of education system, the underprivileged sections of our society have little or no access to computers because lack of resources. VSN  is trying its best to ensure the availability of resources and helps rural students to strengthen their operational skills and improve their employability. It also opens the window to new career opportunities and increases their chances of gaining higher education through this program, VSN aim to impart basic computer operation skills and digital literacy to rural children & youth.

VSN Chairperson  Mrs Jaya Anupam along with the other dignitaries officially inaugurated the program by cutting a ribbon and unveiling a plaque.

The chairperson delivered an opening speech, expressing the importance of computer literacy in rural areas and the goals of the program.

The dignitaries provided insights into the benefits of computer literacy, its impact on rural communities, and inspired the participants by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

The secretary of VSN Acknowledge and thanked the dignitaries for their presence and support.