Our Objective

Women residing in the remote rural colony of TSIL began taking an active interest in doing various kinds of developmental and welfare work for the children and women of the immediate and surrounding areas of Bileipada village. Gradually all these activities were formalized through the creation of a public charitable trust in the name of Vidya Shakti Niyas (VSN), which was granted registration in 2002 TSIL Township.

The expenditure on various activities that the Niyas undertakes are met primarily from the surplus generated by ‘Jeet Fly Ash Products’ (a unit of Vidya Shakti Niyas ) and from generous donations by individuals and corporate bodies .

VSN is committed to the following objectives

  1. To impart, promote and spread education among children and residents of TSIL Colony and The Nearby community.
  2. To impart, promote and spread awareness of horticultural and agricultural and Sciences Among the residents of TSIL Colony and nearby community.
  3. Spreading awareness regarding health care and hygiene among residents of the colony and nearby community.
  4. For the purpose aforesaid, to fund maintain, organize and manage school, libraries, practical classes, education center etc.
  5. To grand stipends, Scholarship, other allowance to deserving needy students and candidate.
  6. To establish, maintain, support or grant aid to centers for advancement of health, hygiene, medical relief, dispensaries, hospitals, houses of convalescence, sanatorium.
  7. To enter into any arrangements or agreements with any hospitals, dispensaries and allied institutions as may appear conductive to the charitable purposes herein contained and to carry out exercise and comply with such agreements and arrangements.
  8. To do all such other things either alone or in conjunction with others as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above charitable objects or any of them.
  9. To provide medical facilities and aid in part or whole in the form of monetary help or in kind for needy poor persons.
  10. To run and mange a center or centre’s with facilities that fall in line with common objective of Trust.
  11. To cooperate in any manner or work in conjunction with any organization or with any institution, association, organization or society with objects wholly or partly similar to the objects of this trust with a view to furthering its objects and its cause.
  12. To carry out publicity through appropriate media such as news paper s, films, radio and television and internet etc., to print and publish books and journals and literature as may be necessary and suitable to achieve the objects of this trust.
  13. To provide directly or indirectly work opportunity / facilities to the weaker section of the society particularly tribal and local people with or without the aid of tools / equipments / instruments / machineries to sustain their livelihood and upgrade the quality of life from below the poverty line or otherwise.

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