21st October’22, Bileipada EYE SCREENING CAMP

Eye screening camps in rural areas are valuable initiatives that VSN aimed to provide essential eye care services to underserved communities after the pandemic Covid which has been a big threat in the lives of the poor community. These camps help to identify and address vision problems, promote eye health, … Continue


Domestic management refers to the efficient and organized management of a household and its various tasks and responsibilities. It involves overseeing and coordinating activities related to home maintenance, household finances, and the topics that were shared and displayed were Health and fitness. Mental emotional Health. Interpersonal relationship. Money management. Home … Continue

Chairperson’s visit to Vidya Shakti Niyas

On 27th January ’20, Mrs Jaya Anupam, Chairperson (VSN) visited along with Mrs Rosalie Mishra, Secretary (VSN), Trustees (VSN) volunteers and coordinator visited the other units of VSN such as Shishu Prem Nursery school, Jeet Fly Ash Products, Sewing Training Centre, Beauty Training Centre, VSN Laundry Etc., observed the activities, … Continue