Domestic management refers to the efficient and organized management of a household and its various tasks and responsibilities. It involves overseeing and coordinating activities related to home maintenance, household finances, and the topics that were shared and displayed were

  1. Health and fitness.
  2. Mental emotional Health.
  3. Interpersonal relationship.
  4. Money management.
  5. Home safety.

VSN organised a domestic management program in VSN Training Hall for SHG’s , ASHA Maa’s and Anganwadi Workers.  VSN volunteers took initiative actively and conducted the awareness session which was attended by 40 villagers.

VSN team took initiative and organized in a well versed way and expressed them through dramatic way.


23rd Decembeer’23, Bileipada COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAM

Empowering the youth in rural areas by providing them with IT knowledge as a part of education system, the underprivileged sections of our society have little or no access to computers because lack of resources. VSN  is trying its best to ensure the availability of resources and helps rural students to strengthen their operational skills and improve their employability. It also opens the window to new career opportunities and increases their chances of gaining higher education through this program, VSN aim to impart basic computer operation skills and digital literacy to rural children & youth.

VSN Chairperson  Mrs Jaya Anupam along with the other dignitaries officially inaugurated the program by cutting a ribbon and unveiling a plaque.

The chairperson delivered an opening speech, expressing the importance of computer literacy in rural areas and the goals of the program.

The dignitaries provided insights into the benefits of computer literacy, its impact on rural communities, and inspired the participants by sharing their experiences and knowledge.

The secretary of VSN Acknowledge and thanked the dignitaries for their presence and support.



Bileipada, 19th November.  The inter high school essay contest was organized by VSN on 19th November and students participated actively. 14 students from 8 high schools of the periphery villages participated in this event.  The children of different schools were given a platform and encouraged to express their talents. Students expressed their views and ideas which were very informative. The secretary of VSN Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Trustee Mrs. Nibedita Mishra, Educational volunteers, executive coordinator Rajeswari and the staff of VSN  encouraged the students to perform well and express their talent.



Bileipada, 19th November’19.  VSN organized Inter school drawing competition “to engage children in a creative exercise to identify their hopes and dreams of the future”, for primary school children of the five Panchayats. Nearly 46 students of 18 schools took part in this competition including RBC.  The secretary of VSN Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Trustee Mrs. Nibedita Mishra, Educational volunteers, executive coordinator Mrs. Rajeswari and the staff of VSN participated and encouraged the students to perform well. Drawing sheets, pencils, erasers and colors were provided for the students to encourage and express their talent. Prizes for winners and special prizes for the students of RBC were awarded on 21st of November.



Bileipada,  8th November’19.  A skill development program focused on young ladies was organized in Sewing training centre in the township. The orientation program intended to motivate & mobilize girls from the locality to take up Industrial Sewing Machine Operator’s training  with Sahi Exports Pvt Ltd. The program was attended by 50 girls from nearby areas.VSN Secretary Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, trustees, Training volunteers, coordinator, trainers of Sewing Training and staff of VSN attended the program.




Bileipada, 4th November’19.  VSN organized a heartfelt farewell to Mrs. Chitrika Pattnaik, the Chairperson-cum-Trustee of VSN  4th November, 2019 at lake view recreation club. Guests Mr. Sanjay Pattnaik, former MD, Mr. Partho chatopadhyay, COO, Mr. SK Mishra, CFO, Mr. Somnath, Mr. Tarupalei, Mr. Nirmal etc., & All members of the charitable organization including VSN Chairperson, Secretary, trustees, volunteers, coordinators, members of all VSN units, attended the program. The members shared their memorable experiences with Mrs. Chitrika Pattnaik  and wished good health & fortune for her entire family.


Various competitions in Shishu Prem Nursery School

Bileipada, 31st  October’19.  To encourage, develop and nourish the tiny tots, Shishu Prem Nursery School conducts various activities as a part of its regular curriculum. In this direction, activities like Colouring and drawing, song, speech & Recitation competitions were conducted on 22nd, 29th, 30th & 31st of October at the school premises in VSN training hall. The judges had a tough time selecting the winners from the talented contestants.



Bileipada, 18th October’19.  As a part of its health initiative, Vidya Shakti Niyas organized free rural medical camps in the villages of in the villages of five panchayats. Visitors include rural women, children, elderly & men folk. A medical camp is conducted in JFAP – Jeet FLY Ash products a unit of Vidya Shakti Niyas on 18th Oct’19.  Around 32 were benefited from the event. Dr Arabinda Panda, Medical Consultant, VSN attended the patients and prescribed medicines. The patients were given free basic medicines during the program.


Inauguration of Sringar Beauty Parlour

Bileipada, 1st September ’19.   VSN has taken a step forward after the introduction of Beautician Training School as Sringar Beauty Centre for rural women.  VSN planned for a beauty parlour in order to fulfil the needs of township of TSLPL and for the locality surrounded. Mrs Rosalie Mishra, Secretary(VSN) & Mrs Ratna Chattopadhyay, Trustee, (VSN) inaugurated the beauty parlour. VSN volunteers, staff, family members of TSLPL and many guests were present on the occasion.