VSN Annual Picnic

VSN organized a picnic cum fun filled get together on 9th February’20 at Lakeview club. All the volunteers along with their spouses were invited on this occasion.


Rural sports meet-2020

To inculcate the sporting instinct and promote rural sports in the villages, on 5th February’20 VSN conducted rural sports in Panchananpur village where about 180 women participated. The event gives a platform to the village women to come out of their daily chores and show case their inner talent. Similar event was conducted on 6th February’20 for 120 men who participated in the different games .VSN volunteers were active enough to facilitate smooth completion of these events one after the other. At the end, winners were awarded with prizes.


Annual Sports organized in VSN adopted Schools

Sports is a way of life. It teaches us how to stay fit, strong, stout and healthy. Through various sporting activities one can tests his/her physical abilities. Like every year, VSN organized Annual sports in its adopted schools to promote joyful learning under Education basket. Around 363 students from 3 different schools, teachers, parents actively participated in the event. VSN volunteers organized numerous events in respective school premises. Students were actively participated in all the games with great enthusiasm. They compete among themselves and showed their talent. At the end prizes were distributed to the winners and consolation prizes were given to all for encouraging participation. Such an initiative of VSN has highly been appreciated by school management committee and villagers.

1 PANCHANANPUR UGUP SCHOOL 126 21 07.01.2020
2 LAHANDA  UGUP SCHOOL 111 18 11.01.2020

Team Building Workshop

Team building is one of the most common group-development activities to enhance social relations and define roles within an organization for collective & collaborative tasks. It improves the efficiency of the team members in the form of building effective working/ interpersonal relationships, aligning around goals, finding solutions to team problems, reducing team members’ role ambiguity.

As part of overall organizational development and to boost the team spirit among volunteers, on 23rd Jan’2020, a team building workshop was organized in Lake View Auditorium. Dr. Rajendra Padhi, domain expert from CBWE, Govt. of Odisha as trainer-cum-facilitator guided the volunteers by engaging in multiple fun-filled activities that were not part of what they ordinarily do as a team.   Each volunteer was involved in different conversations to develop mutual trust and open communication among them. Real life examples by Mr. Satyanarayan Nanda, Trustee VSN and both indoor and outdoor activities certainly gave impetus for increasing teamwork skills namely giving and receiving support, communication and sharing.


Distribution of Certificates in Abhiyan Driving School

Bileipada, 24th December’19. 

Vidya Shakti Niyas idya Shakti Niyas distributed certificates among students of 10th batch of driving training which was started on 11th November’19 ended on 24th December‘19. Certificates were given for the students of the driving training for their successful completion of the training.The driving course includes theory & practical lessons conducted by an experienced instructor, in batches of 18 students. The duration of training is 45 days. The top scorers were adequately rewarded during the occasion.


Pre Christmas Celebrations at Shishu Prem Nursery School

Bileipada, 23rd December’19.  Christmas is the festival which inspires the spirit of sharing and caring. Soaking in the spirit of Christmas tiny tots of SPNS celebrated the festival with enthusiasm on 23rd December’19. The school was beautifully decorated and everybody was dressed in red and white “Santa’s favorite colors”.  The students performed a small skit and danced beautifully to wish their teachers and classmates. VSN Administrator Mr. J.P.Mishra, the chief guest of the function admired the program and performance and students and gave the prizes to the winners for the competitions which were held in the school earlier. To inculcate the spirit of sharing the students were distributed with a small Christmas gift. The boundless joy of celebrating the festival was visible on the faces of all the children.


Donation to Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Bileipada.

Bileipada, 13th December’19. 

Vidya Shakti Niyas has been encouraging education in the rural community with several scholarships & educational aids, especially for the unprivileged section of the society. As a part of its education initiative, recently VSN donated Almirah(steel safe) and Plastic chairs to Saraswati Shishu Mandir, Bileipada on 13th of December’19 to support the needs of the school under Educational Aid. VSN secretary Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Educational volunteers and staff of VSN were also present there.



Bileipada, 21st  November.  Speech is an essential opportunity to be provided to all students to develop their skills in research, critical thinking organization, persuasion and communication. VSN organized a Inter middle school speech competition for the classes of 6th, 7th and 8th on 21st November. 41 contestants from 15 different schools of the periphery villages took active participation this event. The contestants articulated many interesting points. The judges for this event were Mr. Taru Palei from CSR, Mrs. Chitra Mishra & Mrs. Savitri Maharana from SPNS. The secretary of VSN Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Trustees Mrs. Nibedita Mishra and Mr. Satyanarayan Nanda, Educational volunteers, Executive Ccoordinator Rajeswari Nagrajan and the staff of VSN actively participated and encouraged the students to perform well and express their talent.  The prizes were distributed for the winners at the end of the program.



Bileipada, 19th November.  The inter high school essay contest was organized by VSN on 19th November and students participated actively. 14 students from 8 high schools of the periphery villages participated in this event.  The children of different schools were given a platform and encouraged to express their talents. Students expressed their views and ideas which were very informative. The secretary of VSN Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Trustee Mrs. Nibedita Mishra, Educational volunteers, executive coordinator Rajeswari and the staff of VSN  encouraged the students to perform well and express their talent.



Bileipada, 19th November’19.  VSN organized Inter school drawing competition “to engage children in a creative exercise to identify their hopes and dreams of the future”, for primary school children of the five Panchayats. Nearly 46 students of 18 schools took part in this competition including RBC.  The secretary of VSN Mrs. Rosalie Mishra, Trustee Mrs. Nibedita Mishra, Educational volunteers, executive coordinator Mrs. Rajeswari and the staff of VSN participated and encouraged the students to perform well. Drawing sheets, pencils, erasers and colors were provided for the students to encourage and express their talent. Prizes for winners and special prizes for the students of RBC were awarded on 21st of November.