AIDS Awareness Program at JFAP

Vidya Shakti organized an AIDS Awareness program at the Jeet Fly Ash Unit, Bileipada, today on 30th June 2016. The fly ash brick making unit employs around 78 contractual employees belonging to neighboring villages. The Chief Guest Mr P Chattopadhyay was joined by Mr SK Mishra, Mr TP Dash, Mr BM Rao, Mr SC Ray, Mr SN Pandey, Ms Shobha Dash, Mr Trilochan Palei, Mr Rajesh Das, Mr AK Panigrahi from Tata Sponge, Ms Rosalie Mishra, Secretary (VSN), Ms Ratna Chattopadhyay, Trustee (VSN), Ms Snigdha Tripathy, Trustee (VSN), Mr N Balakrishnan, Trustee (VSN) & volunteers during the event. In his address, Mr Chattopadhyay emphasized the need to keep oneself safe from the dreaded disease through self discipline and by following a moral conduct.

Dr Arabinda Panda elaborated on dangers of HIV and prescribed measures and precautions which help avoid infection of the deadly virus. An interesting quiz among the contractual employees was conducted to test their new found knowledge, with the guests presenting several prizes to the winners. The event was hosted by Ms Jolly Pattnaik, Trustee (VSN) assisted by JFAP staff and several volunteers.

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