World AIDS Day Program at Lahanda

Lahanda, 1st December 2017. Vidya Shakti Niyas organized an awareness camp on World AIDS Day in the village of Lahanda. The interactive program attended by around 38 village residents, mostly young & old ladies. Dr Arabinda Panda took an informative session on the causes, symptoms, remedies & precautions of the deadly killer disease. Preventive measures to check spread of HIV was explained to all present. A Q&A session encouraged the audience to check their knowledge on the subject with instant prizes given for correct responses. Mrs Rosalie Mishra, Secretary (VSN), Mrs S Tripathy, Trustee (VSN), Mr Satyanarayan Nanda, Head CSR (TSIL), Mr Rajesh Das, Sr Officer CC (TSIL), several VSN volunteers & staff attended the program.

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