Parent Trustee Meeting

16 March 2017, Bileipada. Vidya Shakti Niyas has been working towards betterment of of rural education as one of its prime objectives. Providing scholarships to children of unpriviliged families is one of its attempts to fight illeteracy in the community. In this direction, a meeting between VSN Trustees and parents of above beneficiaries was organized at VSN Training Hall, Bileipada. More than 60 parents attended the meeting. Discussions were made on raising awareness levels on education in the community. Progress on education of the beneficiary students was discussed. Mrs Rosalie Mishra, Mrs Jolly Pattnaik, Mrs Singdha Tripadhy, Mr Sachi Sahoo, Ms Leelawati Behera & Mr Ananta Behera from VSN attended the program.

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