Mother & Child Care Program

14th-15th October 2016, Panchananpur-Anseikala villages. Vidya Shakti organized mother & child care programs in the villages of Panchananpur & Anseikala villages, around 18 km from Bileipada. The program was attended by around 82 mothers from the above villages. The session focussed on various aspects of mother & child health like proper nutrition, breastfeeding, hygiene etc. An interactive qanseikalauiz session was organized among the audience after the session, with token prizes for the winners. Dr Arabinda Panda took the awareness session along with Ms Rosalie Mishra, Secretary (VSN) and Ms Snigdha Tripathy, Trustee (VSN). They were assisted by Mr Ananta Behera & Ms Leelabati Behera. The program was highly praised by all present.

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