Enriching Rural Education

Vidya Shakti’s education initiatives include several activities to enrich the young mind of the students and to foster awareness among parents in the rural villages. Such activities conducted in recent past were;

Bileipada, 14th Dec 2016: Inter High School Essay Writing Competition was organized with participation of 11 schools with 3 participants from each school. The subject was ‘Role of Television iEssay Writing Competitionn the present time’.

Lahanda, 15th Dec 2016: Annual Sports Day was organized by Lahanda Munda Sahi Primary School. Little students had great fun participating in various events. A total of 90 students participated in various activities.

Panchananpur, 16th Dec 2016: A study tour for the students of Panchananpur UG High School was conducted. Around 41 students visited Jeet Fly Ash brick making unit at Bileipada and observed the manufacturing process.

Panchananpur, 20th Dec 2016: A Clean India Program was conducted at the adopted village of Panchananpur. Around 70 students from village UG High School, from Anseikala High School with local villagers participated in the above program, which was attended by Mr SK Mishra, (CFO), Mr SC Ray, Mr T Palei & others from TSIL.

Bileipada: Meeting between parents of students and teachers was conducted at VSN Training Hall for better communication & coordination between home & school.

Panchananpur, Basudevpur & Anseikala, 21-22 Dec 2016: Vidya Shakti distributed test papers and blankets in the Govt Girls’ High School, Basudevpur, Maa Santoshi High School, Anseikala & UG High School, Panchananpur.

Local Anganwadis,9-22 Dec 2016: Distribution of study materials in different schools and Anganwadis like, mosquito nets, blankets, solar LED home light & lanterns, cooking utensils, sports equipment (indoor & outdoor), school uniform, school bags, notebooks, pens, pencils, colour pencils, drawing sheets, water filters, test papers, wall clocks, geometry boxes, globes duris etc. Schools & Anganwadis – Govt Girls’ High School Basudevpur, Maa Santoshi High School Anseikala, Govt Girls’ High School Marusan, Lahanda Munda Sahi Primary School, Mutuda Primary School, Panchananpur UG High School, Maa Dwarasuni High School, Chamakpur, Bileipada UGUP School, Lahanda Munda Sahi Anganwadi, Karansahi Anganwadi, Kaliabeda Anganwadi.

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