Inter Anganwadi competitions

Education is the pillar of success. VSN has been instrumental in building the foundation block by adopting Anganwadis of its vicinity. VSN used to conduct inter-anganwadi competitions to boost the motivations of Anganwadi Workers, Helpers and Parents which is primarily based on certain parameters namely Arunima course curriculum (W & CD, GoO), health & hygiene, overall development of students, activeness of Anganwadi teachers etc. In the whole month of Nov and Dec, VSN volunteers personally visited 29 Anganwadis and facilitated various competitions. Such multiple competitive events pose challenges to each center to come out as a best performer. On 20th February, all the 29 Anganwadi workers were invited and rewarded at VSN Training Hall by Rosalie Mishra, VSN Secretary in presence of other Trustees and Volunteers. Besides the first three best overall performer, there were many categories like best Anganwadi worker, best cleanliness award etc.

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