9th Rural Shishu Kalyan Pratiyogita

In order to foster a culture of caring & sharing and encourage child welfare in the region, VSN organizes Annual “Shishu Kalyan Pratiyogita” every year, which has seen an increasing number of participants year after year. VSN hosted the final contest of the second phase of 9th Rural ‘Shishu Kalyan Pratiyogita’ on March 03, 2020 to pursue a community of healthy children around us.
VSN monitored the physical and psychosomatic responses to assess a wholesome growth in a child. Over the years the number of participating babies has been rising steadily. This year participation touched a new high with 420 babies competing the coveted prize. After stiff competition 56 babies made it to final round. The contestants were judged on several criteria such as; health, weight, growth, psychosomatic responses etc. Dr. Arabinda Panda of Joda Town was invited to preside over the Shishu Kalyan Pratiyogita who judged the children from 0-3 years and also their mothers. The best in each category were awarded by VSN.

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